Directed by Benjamin Dickinson, starring Benjamin Dickinson, Nora Zehetner, Alexia Rasmussen, Reggie Watts, and Dan Gill.

 Special Jury Recognition for Visual Excellence - SXSW Film Festival 2015


"Dickinson and the gifted cinematographer Adam Newport-Berra create visual motifs that command attention...For a film about technology's growing dehumanization, this stylized beauty is a frisky, formidable temptation."

-Rolling Stone

It’s an ethos that’s reflected in the look of the film, as Adam Newport-Berra’s lustrous, anamorphic black-and-white cinematography makes Brooklyn simultaneously appear both more retrograde and more advanced".


"Shot in gorgeous anamorphic black and white, the film’s visuals are its strongest component. Impeccable framing, long takes and astute cinematography help introduce the viewer to this future New York that looks a whole lot like our present-day New York, with some nuanced upgrades."

-Film Pulse

"Lensed by D.P. Adam Newport-Berra, the movie has a surfeit of stunning high-contrast images...A contemplative tone, a zigzagging narrative, superb widescreen black-and-white cinematography and an infusion of dry humor make it feel genuinely fresh."


"With its crisp black-and-white photography…Benjamin Dickinson's mesmerizing science fiction thriller "Creative Control" cleverly envisions a technology-dominated society that's right around the corner...Aided by Adam Newport-Berra's gliding camerawork, the filmmaker navigates a lot of familiar terrain — open office spaces, grimy nightclubs, and Williamsburg's modish Wythe Hotel, but renders New York bohemia with shades of Kafkaesque uneasiness."


"This downward spiral is sleekly captured by cinematographer Adam Newport-Berra. Filmed in stark blacks and whites with appropriate punctuations of color, Creative Control is a fresh and uncomfortable look at the inevitable death of human intimacy, whether it be by techy glasses or base human awfulness."

-Sound on Sight

"Thanks to a classy soundtrack that’s heavy on the Vivaldi, and Adam Newport-Berra’s mostly black-and-white photography, “Creative Control” has a cool severity that’s occasionally quite beautiful." 

- The New York Times