Directed by Michael Johnson, starring Kodi Smit-McPhee, Danny Devito, Virginia Madsen, Evan Ross and Isabelle Fuhrman.

“Every shot is a feast for the eyes...there are some extended night scenes that can only be described as stunningly beautiful. The composition of the shots does a lot to set the tone of the film.”

-We Got This Covered

"The dream-like look to the film, thanks to cinematographer Adam Newport-Berra, is mesmerizing."

“Glancing encounters and faltering conversations unfold lightly and with a visual seductiveness that the cinematographer, Adam Newport-Berra, crescendos in the film’s drifting, transformative middle section.

-The New York Times

“The film is visually impressive, thanks to dreamy and often elegiac work from cinematographer Adam Newport-Berra.”

­-The Dissolve

“Frustrated that his understandable morbid preoccupations are being misinterpreted by his mother, James sneaks out on nocturnal explorations -- well caught by Adam Newport-Berra's handheld camera”

-Hollywood Reporter

"The camera of cinematographer Adam Newport-Berra swoops beautifully through the canopy of foliage James explores, and captures the bruising colors of Portland in the early hours or at dusk.

 -The Playlist